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Update: I’ve written a comment below responding to some questions and clarifying my point a little. Thanks for the feedback, everyone!

Am I missing something?

I consider myself a pretty respectful and courteous guy, especially to strangers and their businesses.

In my job, I find myself all over the city, and quite often in the lobbies of various doctors and city governmental agencies. Because I’m on the road, my phone is my main connection to the rest of the world (to varying degrees of success. To those that I’ve never returned your emails, I’m sorry, it’s easy for me to lose sight of things when I only have my phone to email with), so it runs out of battery pretty easily (I am, what the marketers call, a “power user”).

And so I try and plug in my phone wherever I can, whenever I can.

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A new series, something I’ve been thinking about doing for a while.  I’m hardly the first to indulge in lists, top tens or otherwise, but I think it will be fun, and maybe spark some rival choices.

Thought I’d start with something that is just pure fun: the air guitar playlist. Those songs that make you want to imagine you are there on lead guitar, or playing a very rocking riff.  An indulgence that is usually associated with consumption of beer. It can be pure air guitar, or maybe the use of a nearby implement: a tennis racket, broom handle, hockey stick, frying pan… the possibilities are endless. But all are worshipping the god of Rock.  With a knowing smile.  It is absurd, you know it is absurd, it is the whole point.  Celebration, laughter, rock’n’roll.

Metal lends itself best to the practice, the concept.  The riffs are huge and…

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Purpose and Inspiration

I’ve always wondered what is it that I’m exceptionally good at ? I’m sure many people have asked themselves that question and have never been able to precisely get an answer. There’s a lot of stuff out there , telling that everyone’s special , and that we all have some hidden or locked potential , but the thing is , that you can’t figure out what it is. Maybe it’s the lack of exposure and that you need to try out new things , in order to discover and exploit your talents .Maybe we are too conscious or shy to try new things , thinking what others will think. It is true that always worrying too much about the ramifications , does prevent you from being innovative. Maybe it’s because you think too much, and forget to act, thus defeating the purpose of the well know quotation or proverb : Think before you act. Being too shy and stopping yourself gives the feeling of being a ‘good at nothing no one ‘.

As far as I’m concerned , I’m an average sort of person. Good at my studies, a bit athletic as well, but not a very social sort of person. When I see others doing good at whatever they’re good at , I thank God that I don’t feel jealous because jealousy takes you down another road, instead I feel the need to do something myself. Fill that space inside me. I’m fond of music , I watch the shows on TV people talk about, I’m into soccer and all the usual stuff. But I’m not special in any way. I don’t have my ‘thing’. I wanted to play the guitar, but I couldn’t. I want to be the leader, not the ‘lead’. I want to be special, so for a change , I’ve started writing this blog , to look inside of me and perhaps find some inspirations.

I would love to hear from other people and get some advice. I don’t want to be unthankful for all that I have but I want to know who I am, and what my purpose is. Surely everyone has a purpose, no?

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